la fille d'O

la fille d’O (meaning daughter of 'O') is avant-garde lingerie that supports your body, whilst empowering your attitude. It’s the voice of a generation. Without compromises and therefore all-embracing. Like a friend once described it: ‘I am not fierce, yet I belong here’.

la fille d'O, founded by murielle Victorine scherre in 2003, sprung from personal need and curiosity and has since changed the way the river flows, pebble by pebble. Free of compromise and a pioneer in conscientious design, clean sourcing and an honest - thus carefree - production line.
Produced in Belgium since the very start, la fille d’O has an avid desire to create an innovative product born from the craftmanship lingerie design requires. A product created for the women of today, with a sharp eye on a timeless wardrobe.


homage is a selection of ready-to-wear pieces that are free of compromise. No seasons. No stock. No sizes. No gender. No color. A whole lotta NO to make way for a whole lotta YES.

Wearing homage means making a statement. Suzy Menkes once said that it is morally wrong to wear a garment bought at the price of a cappuccino. There is a price to pay when buying fair fashion. For if we buy a garment at the price of a cappuccino, a majority of the estimated 150 people involved in making 1 garment will live a life of despair. Every penny you decide to spend when buying fashion gives you power. Everytime you wear homage you say YES to crafty makers and understand that a change is possible. That seasonal collections are very last season when exporting worldwide. That sizes are very confronting and often inadequate. That gender is far too limited when only 2 options are suggested. That color is nice but an all black wardrobe proves to be highly efficient when trying to buy less.

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la fille d'O & homage

a festival on future-
proof fashion

De Studio

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What is MOOI?

MOOI is a learning network that builds on the vision and future of Antwerp fashion through interdisciplinary collaborations and experimentation.

Our theoretical framework is shaped through five strategic themes:
Boundless education, Circular storytelling, Materialised value, The act of fashion and Humane consumerism.

These themes indicate the priorities within our vision. To shape that vision we work together with interdisciplinary teams of experts, designers, communities, interest groups, etc. This results in an action programme with concrete projects that give new meaning to sustainable fashion within these five themes.

The current website summarises the 2018 edition.


De Studio becomes a showroom for a selection of Belgian creators who design for a better future.

la fille d'O & homage




Toos Franken

Helder Antwerp

Marjan Storme


Flora Miranda

Eline Van Ree


Post-Couture Collective





Lies Mertens

Abdel El Tayeb

Doriane van Overeem

Emely Van Impe



MOOI asks questions, and invites everybody to think along during talks, presentations and paneldiscussions.

How to Close The Loop?

How to rethink fashion and disabilities?

What is the relationship between fashion and technology?

Makers’ magic, how can clothes save the day?

Are we humans or consumers?

How to design for circularity?

Can digital agencies make a difference in fashion?

Can collaboration change the game?

How can we evolve to an inclusive fashion scene?


different artists show work on the edge of fashion & art.


aultre ne veulx estre

Frederik Heyman


a whole weekend long you can discover short films and documentaries on fashion.

Act! Cut! Play!

LA Fashion Film Festival


MOOI will host the first Fashtech Hackathon in Belgium, where developers and digital strategists join forces with sustainability experts and fashion designers.

System failure / innovative business models by Bagaar

'Waste' by Edmire

'Transparency' by Milk and Cookies

about MOOI & tickets

MOOI is organized by Villanella in collaboration with la fille d’O and with the support of 11.11.11., Flanders DC, the Province of Antwerp and Flanders.

During the weekend grønt will serve delicious, plantbased wholefoods.

Saturday 20 October

day program 12:00 to 18:00 €10 / €5 (-26j) ticket
afterparty MOOI 22h €10 ticket

Sunday 21 October

day program 12:00 to 18:00 €10 / €5 (-26j) ticket

What makes it MOOI, is the team:
* passionate curation edition 2018: Murielle Scherre
* villanella enthusiast: Amelie Aernaudts
* righteous vision & scenography: Jessy Van Durme, Charlotte Lao Schmidt and Hanne Van Gils
* virtuous tech experts: Annelies Desmet & Veerle Spaepen
* press hotshot: Ilja Antonneau ⏤  +32 498 65 86 43
* thrilled coördination: Esther Hoedemakers ⏤

Website by Milk and Cookies (Claudia + Sara + Tim + Stijn).


Sat 20 Okt


    How to Close The Loop? 13:00 Presentation by Jasmien Wynants (Flanders DC) and Katrien Smets
    Can we rethink Fashion & disabilities? 14:00 Presentation by Marc Beaussart (HIGGS Magazine)
    What is the relationship between fashion and technology? 15:00 Panel discussion with Jasna Rokegem, Sven Bullaert and Flora Miranda. By Dear Tech,
    Makers’ magic: how can clothes save the day? 16:00 A talk with Murielle Scherre, Han Ates (Black Horse Lane) and Rony Vandermeersch (Celesta).
    Are we humans or consumers? 17:00 Presentation by Janne Baetsen (MIND FASHION)

Sun 21 Oct


    How to design for circularity? 13:00 Presentation by Tom Duhoux (HNST) and Cédric Vanhoeck (Resortecs)
    Could collaboration change the game? 14:00 Panel discussion with Happy Volcano (gaming), Brut Collective (design), Ophelia and Rachel Gruijters. Hosted by Entre Nous and Les ReBelles d'Anvers
    Can digital agencies save the fashion industry?” 15:00 Pitches by Bagaar, Edmire Design and Milk & Cookies
    The imbalance between North & South, can we make it right? 16:00 Presentation by Jef Van Hecken (Clean Clothes Campaign) & Inge Overmeer (Solid)
    Can we evolve to an inclusive fashion scene? 17:00 Talk with Mathias Sourbon (Hakuna) and Farah El Bastani